Hibernate Vs sleep mode in laptop?

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Hi All,

Hibernate Vs sleep mode in laptop?

I have a old laptop and need to know what are these.

As my Laptop battery drains quick now a days i need to know the power management details and these as well

Please help me understand



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Hibernate Vs sleep mode in laptop?


To give it a very short explanation, in sleep mode the computer is just idle while in hibernation the computer is totally shutdown.

In Sleep Mode or Standby Mode, your computer is still up and running. This is the time when your computer is in idle and consumes less power but is still available when you want to use it.

When you put your computer in sleep mode, all of the applications that is currently running on your desktop, if you have an open document, is not saved in your hard drive and is still currently in the memory. If a power interruption happens, all of the data that is currently up and running on your desktop will be lost. You can never recover it.

While in Hibernation, your computer is totally shutdown. Before you get your computer to hibernate, you must first enable it in the Power Options of your control panel. To do this:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Performance and Maintenance
  4. Click Power Options to activate the Power Options Properties
  5. Click on the Hibernate tab
  6. Click on the Enable hibernation checkbox to enable your computer for hibernation
  7. Click OK to finish

Your computer should have an adequate hard drive space to enable hibernation. In Hibernation Mode, all the tasks that is currently open, the programs running, any open folders, any documents open, which is currently running in your computer's memory will be saved in the hard drive.

Then after your computer saves it, your computer shuts down. When you turn it on again, it will be opened in the exactly previous state when you last left it. As if you just left it for a couple of minutes.

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Hibernate Vs sleep mode in laptop?


Sleep puts the computer on standby mode and saves the ‘state’ of the computer into Random Access Memory or RAM.

Hence you need to still have power supplied to the computer if you put it on sleep mode.

Otherwise you won’t be able to wake the computer up and go back to your session.

Hibernate on the other hand saves the ‘state’ of the computer into a location on the hard drive.

This makes it possible to turn the computer off and still be able to return to your session after waking the computer up.

This also saves battery power better.

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