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Hi all,

What is macro used for in Excel?

Any insight is useful.

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We all pair that MS Excel application is a real assistive program in some variant industries. A statement in MS Excel performs a unique and stabilizing function.

The water feature of this is to automatically apportion to you what you are unremarkably doing in an Excel record, meaning that you do not acquire to do a repetitive job formatting or charting every example you unobstructed MS Excel. In tangency, instruction is suchlike a bookmark in MS Surpass that records or saves what you change through before to descend out in vindicatory a dawn departed.

This is how to use macro:

  1. Select Tools
  2. Click macro
  3. Select Record New Macro
  4. Proceed in recording. The macro records every actions that you are doing in the Ms Excel
  5. Lastly, click Stop Recording once you are done.


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A Macro is a feature in Excel which enables you to create a shortcut or command for use to perform some specific task which may involve multiple steps.
for example  "sorting a data by first column in desc order"
we can create a macro for this task in 2 ways 
1. by performing all actions and recording a macro 
2. by writing VBA code to create a macro ( this approach is recommended for programmers only)
Steps for recording a macro for our example -  "sorting a data by first column in desc order"
1. Go to View Menu Click on the Record Macro button  ( Excel 2007), this will open below box
Give this macro a name and a shortcut key if you want. and click OK.
      ( this will start recording, after this whatever  you do is recorded and can be re produced)
2.  Go to first column, select the first cell , and go to Data tab, now click on sort button ( z-a) to sort the column data in desc
3.  now the data is sorted, go to lower left corner of the sheet and there is a button on status bar showing Stop Sign ( Square) click this to stop recording and you are done
Now onwards you can sort any data with first column in future by simple running this macro.
To run macro, go to View tab select View Macro and select the macro to run and click on run button.
Hope this helps.