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I am a student and I own a netbook, eMachines eM350. I was advised to use Ubuntu OS to speed up my netbook. 

I am willing to try and check out if it really works. But I also have my doubts. If ever I will use Ubuntu, will all the software drivers of my netbook is supported by Ubuntu?

Currently, my netbook OS is Windows XP.

Please share your knowledge.

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eMachines recommends Windows 7.

So it will not be a good idea to install Linux Ubuntu. My brother has EM350 too. It’s a great netbook with good performance and battery time with Windows 7. But when he installed Ubuntu 10.10 dual boot with Win 7 Starter using EasyBCD, it was not a good experience.

The machine used to get freeze. Although The desk is zippy no doubt but I get the feeling that Ubuntu is not as efficient as Windows 7 in terms of heat management. The eM350 netbook runs really hot when run with Ubuntu than in windows 7.

Still choice is yours.

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You can try Ubuntu on your netbook without making any changes to your netbook. Ubuntu has a feature called Live CD which is a feature that allows you to run Ubuntu from a CD, DVD or USB drive as if the media was a hard drive. 

Just download the lasts version of Ubuntu and Burn it to a CD or other media. Next make sure your computer is booting from that media, and it will load just as if it was installed. To get a good feel for Ubuntu, you may want to download some games and other software to try on it. 

You can get these from