Help on StartRep.exe – Application Error

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I was typing on Microsoft Word when my computer suddenly shuts down. When I touch on the left side of my Toshiba Satellite laptop, near the fan, the heat is unbearable. I press the power button then it shuts down again. So I waited for a few minutes until the heat is gone, then I gently pressed the power button again.The Start up Repair window displayed on my screen with error alert box.

StartRep. exe – Application Error

The instruction at 0x7481060a referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.

Click on OK to terminate the program

With a button OK below.

When I hit the OK button, the System Recovery Options appeared. I was asked to choose from the selection,

Startup Repair

System Restore

Windows Complete PC Restore

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Command Prompt

Startup Repair doesn't work and System Restore will restore from an earlier point, I have data’s which I am about to finish and couldn't afford to start again from scratch. My last restoration point was last week. And so with Windows Complete PC Restore.  Over heating is one of the primary problem of Toshiba satellite laptops.  But this is the first time I encountered this kind of problem. 

I want to know, how can I repair this without losing all the important documents inside it?  My laptop is running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 32-Bit, with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.20 GHz, 2 GB RAM. Please send me details, I will really appreciate any help.

Thank you.

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Help on StartRep.exe – Application Error


Hi, I'm Brice

This error of yours can simply be fixed using System Restore, if you are afraid of losing precious data you've done on word, then fear not. System restore only restores previous setting and changes to your system and removes previously installed applications that could have potentially harmed your system. It does not, in any way, remove any of your document files or any other files that has nothing to do with the system itself.

So for a quick and simple, I suggest you go with System Restore to fix your PC's problem, usually, StartRep.exe-Application Error messages spring from an error on the registry and System Restore should do the trick for this. Unless you have installed applications that will be affected by System Restore and you don't want to, I highly suggest going with it for a simpler, user friendly solution.


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Help on StartRep.exe – Application Error


Yes you are correct. When I left with no choice, I did a system restore and the problem was fixed. Of course, the data's are still there. Thanks Brice for helping.

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Help on StartRep.exe – Application Error


Even if I’m not using a laptop computer I also encounter this kind of error. I usually encounter it while booting the computer and then suddenly decide on shutting it down again. This action causes problem to the programs that are still loading because they are forced to immediately kill the operation even if they are still initiating the process.

But this problem is normally not a threat. Before deciding on doing the System Restore to restore the system, you may want to try restoring it first to its last known good configuration. To do this, restart your computer again. Press F8 before the Windows logo appears. When the menu appears, use the arrow keys to navigate to the options and then select “Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)”.

Press Enter twice to restart your computer using the option and then see if the error will still appear. If this method doesn’t fix it, you may now proceed on doing the System Restore. To avoid your laptop from getting overheated, avoid using it on bed because the bed sheet can easily get hot and this prevents the air from properly circulating underneath the laptop and this causes the overheating.

Always use your laptop on flat surface or maybe between your legs if you are in bed. See the image below for your reference.

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