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Everytime I turn on my iPhone 4S, it always prompts for my password in iMessage.  Is that normal? 

How do I configure the settings so that it will stop asking for my password?

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Hello sherman,

it should be controlled by your main apple id login. maybe try removing it and adding it back.

Try it.

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Hello Sherman_webb,

Did you just an update of your iPhone or you restored the iPhones' factory settings? Because if that is so, then the password that you iPhone is prompting you to enter should be the four digit code which you had to enter the first you used the imessage service. You should be remembering it or else you will need to call your mobile service provider and ask them to tell you what it is.

It is advisable that you remember your default password for your gadgets so that when an incident happens like this one, you will not have to go through much trouble.

Hope this helps.

Mahesh Babu

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I’ve seen a lot of problems related to the Apple ID password that keeps popping up whenever they turn on their Smartphones. Sometimes this happens after restoring your phone or maybe doing an update. If in case your handset keeps asking for the Apple ID password but there is nothing downloading, your password is correct, your account is fine, and yet it keeps on happening.

This is usually triggered by a failed download which you cannot directly see on the screen. There might be also something wrong with your account settings either in iMessage / FaceTime, in iCloud, or maybe in the App Store, whichever of these. First thing you should do is to reboot your Smartphone or reset it without erasing the data.

Go to Settings, General, Reset, and then Reset Settings. If this doesn’t fix the issue, go to the App Store and then check your Purchased Apps history. Check every section if there is a failed download. Next go to Settings, and then iTunes & App Store to go to your App Store account settings. After that, log out and then log in again. See image.

Sharath Reddy