MS-Word 2010 suddenly stops working

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When I logged in today.

I cant i edit my documents Microsoft Office word 2010!

And none of them are in picture format i just don't understand why i cant edit or even type anything on any of the pages.

I really need help on this can anybody here solve my problem?

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MS-Word 2010 suddenly stops working


Dear, Dennie Taylor.

If you are using trail version of Microsoft Office Word 2010, it sometime happens that the duration of the trial version exceeds and that might expires or corrupt your files and documents. You need to uninstall the trail version of Microsoft Office Word 2010 and install the original version so the it could remain in you PC then you would not face any problem.

Other thing is that if you are experiencing this problem with the original version and still counters a problem then you must have to uninstall the Home and student version completely because it could be corrupted by some viruses in your PC. After uninstalling that version you may have to re-install it again so that your version could be clean from viruses.

I hope this could help you.


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MS-Word 2010 suddenly stops working


Dear Dennie,

If you are not able to edit your documents in Microsoft Word 2010 and getting message like "This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked" at the bottom of your World 2010 Window then either you are using trial version or your copy of Office 2010 has not been activated.


  1. If it was a trial copy and not letting you to edit existing documents or creating new ones, then you have to purchase a full version of Microsoft Office 2010.
  2. If the copy of the Office 2010 not been activated then you should activate your copy of office 2010 online.
  3. Alternatively, if you have access to an earlier version (say 2003 / XP), you can download a free compatibility pack from Microsoft website that will allow you to read and write Word 2010 files in earlier versions of Word. But, some new features of Word 2010 will be lost or converted in to straight text in conversion to the earlier versions.

I am sure above solutions will solve your problem.

With Regards

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MS-Word 2010 suddenly stops working


Hello Dennie,

What you are experiencing is just an error from MS word itself.

Your copy is either a trial version or a copied version(Copied via a storage device). 

  • Your MS word needs to be activated or your trial version days has ran out.
  • You can download free MS office software at several download sites.
  • You can buy the activation code or ask your IT specialist for the activation code (If your computer is in the office)

The solutions above will be able to help you solve your problem Good luck!

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MS-Word 2010 suddenly stops working


Hi, dennie

If the ms-word is a trail version then you need to upgrade it. If it is not a trail version then there would be a problem in the set up files.

Try to un-install and install it.

If you are able to un-install then the set up files are well aligned.

If you face a problem in un-installing then you need to format your c-drive so that u can install the software again and use the ms-word without any interruptions.

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