Help: Games for eMachines eM350

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I have a netbook, eMachines eM350. I know from the start that it has only minimal performance. But i still think that I could still play games using this netbook. I would like to ask, Is there a best game that can be played in this netbook?

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Help: Games for eMachines eM350


Yes you can play few games on your eMachine eM350 notebook.

Games that can be played easily on eM350:

You can obviously play default games like solitaire etc. These Four run with ease on eM350. some of these games are MMO style, so bear with them.

Wind Slayer (Free)

MapleStory (Free)

Diablo 2 ($30 for the chest)

Starcraft ($20 for the chest)

Games that were not worth playing at all on eMachine:

These games are just too much to ask to be played  on the Em350


Guild Wars


Games that run smoothly on eMachine:

There can be many more games but these are the games that I tries on my eMachine and they usually run smoothly with no heck.

Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate 2 +Expansion (Another $10.00 gone, but not missed)

Icewind Dale ($10.00) Imagine Baldur’s Gate 2 but up north.

Icewind Dale 2 ($10) Sequel.

LOTR Battle for Middle Earth2 ($10 – $30)

Enjoying playing games on your eMachine

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Help: Games for eMachines eM350


There are some newer (simple) games which can be played on your eM350 netbook.

1) Swords & Soldiers HD (category: RTS) – supported resolutions: 1024×600, 800×600, 640×400 with textures set to Low settings.

2) Flight Control HD (you’re an air traffic controller at busy airport ) – supported resolution: 1024×600.

3) Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips (again you are in role of traffic controller, but you will manage  with aircraft in more ways than just traffic controlling) – supported resolution: 800×600.

4) Angry Birds Space (destroy all mean pigs with limited number of birds) – supported resolution: 800×600.

5) Westward Kingdoms (mix of strategy and simulation) – supported resolution: 800×600.

6) Diamond Dan (avoid traps in an ancient temple) – supported resolutions: 1024×600, 800×600.

Best game really depends from your gaming preferences. If you like FPS, that’s probably multiplayer shooter Counter Strike 1.6 (with low graphic settings). If you like sport simulations, that will probably be some older editions of FIFA (FIFA 2005 will for example work well on your notebook).

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