Help file tallyerp9ref.chm is not available

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While trying to access Help file from Tally I had this error. I made a full install of the program and it seems like something is missing. I tried to download the file and is now working, nothing happens when I click Yes for download. Any solution for this error ? Why my Help file is missing ?

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Help file (tallyerp9ref.chm) is not available.

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Help file tallyerp9ref.chm is not available


As far as I know, a CHM or a “.chm” file is a help file. You can actually open it by double-clicking the file and it will open the help section or you can access it from the Help button of the program. There are times, clicking the Help button doesn’t work or doesn’t open the help section.

This happens if the help file linked to the program is named incorrectly or has a different name. In your case, try clicking Yes to see if the file can be downloaded. If nothing happened or there is no such file to download, you can search for it in your hard drive. It is normally located in the installation folder of the program.

Open Windows Explorer and then go to the installation folder of Tally and find the file “tallyerp9ref.chm” or if you can’t find it there it is maybe located in a different folder. Click Start, Search and then search for tallyerp9ref.chm in drive C. If the file can’t be found on your hard drive, try reinstalling Tally to see if it can restore the file.

Also, check the installation folder for other “.chm” files because it is possible that the file is using a different name. If you are not using the latest version, download Tally.ERP 9.

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