Help in configuring apache in Linux

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How can I compile apache to use previous configuration in Linux? I need upgraded to apache 2.4 from apache 2.2 and I want to keep my previous configurations such as layout, configuration option. How do I accomplish this task? Is my previous configuration is not saved, can the previous configuration be used?

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Help in configuring apache in Linux


Yes! You can still use your previous configuration, migrating your configuration is not that hard in Apache 2.4, it functions with same capabilities only that it provides more features and a more user friendly syntax.

One of the major upgrades of 2.4 is the change of authorization, it lays out criteria to check and decide if access is allowed. This happens first before authentication, authorization can now use the “require” syntax, defining authorization order and not on complex rule sets. Logically ordering syntax to a specific default then specify and exception.


For example, to block a specific user, you can add this arguments.

“Require all granted”

“Require not ip”

Setting a default policy to accept anyone then specify if it’s not coming from the specified IP “”, you’ll need to require both are true.

“Ip, env, host or all” can be used for authorization.

Basing on the specified order, you’ll see them inside these special blocks:

1.   RequireAll

2.   RequireAny

3.   RequireNone

Letting you have the flexibility in setting up authorization by Nesting directive blocks with one another:

Defining elaborative authorization paths, this blocks is easier to understand than the previous directives that were used. Although the previous directives “order”, “allow from”, “deny from” and “satisfy” can still be used but moved to a different module called mod_access_compat, it depends on your preferences in which to use, however I suggest to use the new syntax for future support and it is also easier to figure out the policies you selected.


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Help in configuring apache in Linux



There is a way to do this.  You would be utilizing a script to log all of your settings.  Often this sort of script is bundled into a Linux package.  If it is not, you can locate one through a search engine.  You can also acquire a utility that will perform this function.  You would then feed that log file during the build process.

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