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Hi experts,

I want my website powered by ExpressionEngine ; but first I need your advice about common problems , since it is not a recognized CMS. Thank you in advance

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Hi Annaatutor,

Yes ExpressionEngine is CMS platform but lacks recognition, but it is beautifully built. I can give you some ExpressionEngine powered website for your inspiration. Lists are some examples of websites that powered by  ExpressionEngine so that it will get shine that it deserves.

1. Gifto Travels-

2. Ignition Consulting Group-

3. Paravisini Coffee Company-

And a lot more, I can refer you even until 50 powered ExpressionEngine website. It is a professional choice and for more information about it go to this link:

Thanks and hope this will help you doubt.

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ExpressionEngine is a modular CMS or Content Management System designed by EllisLab, a privately owned software development company that was founded in January of 2002 which is based in Bend, Oregon. The company develops applications that are based or written in open-source PHP. Since the founding of the company in 2002, they had only released four applications to the public: the pMachine Pro, ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, and lastly the MojoMotor. ExpressionEngine is their second application to develop.

Different from other content management systems, ExpressionEngine adopts its own templating syntax which does not need any advanced skill on any programming language. It is a commercial product created on the open-source PHP framework of CodeIgniter. Besides being a commercial product, it still offers a free version which is available for non-profit and personal websites with fewer features though. Even if you buy a license key for this product, you still don’t have access to EllisLab’s support plans. To be able to access the support feature, you also need to purchase a separate plan for it. If you wish to purchase ExpressionEngine, visit EllisLab | ExpressionEngine.

Sharath Reddy

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ExpressionEngine's famous flexibility allows me to build websites that fulfil my needs and creative dream entirely. EE grows and scales in unison with my business, so before starting my work I needed more information. Guys your comments were carrying many known and unknown information which was very crucial to my task. After reading your comments now I have learned about my desired questions about its problems. I don’t think that the free version is a problem even though it has fewer specialties. But I think purchasing a license key is the best of all especially when you put up a business online to make it legal and worry free. It is the only service that I have seen without problems. Thanks Sharath for enriching my knowledge on EE. You are so very genius. You provided a great solution on the EE CMS problem.