HDD often connect – disconnect repeatedly

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I have a problem about my external HDD.

I bought this Seagate HDD 500 ago 2 years ago and ran normally, but this time it often connect and disconnect repeatedly. Sometime it asked to format HDD.  

When disconnect, the lamp HDD still turn on.

Is it bad sector?

What is the best solution?

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HDD often connect – disconnect repeatedly


Well this problem is not common, and may be occur because of many reasons.

1. Faulty Wires,this error may occur if cables or wires of the Hard Disk Drive to Motherboard (that may be data cables or electric cables) get damaged by some reasons. As cables got too old or rusty.

2. Drivers,old dated drivers can also Create problem like this. You just update your drivers of every kind, specially BIOS.

3. In excess of Heat, Heat can also bring your system to the problem like this. It happen because your Hard Disk Drive get too old and it get some kind of electric shock or it became rusty if some time you try to change the place of system too.


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HDD often connect – disconnect repeatedly


The problem seems to be quite confusing. Firstly, you need to check the USB cable. If the cable is connected to the both ends of the computer and HDD firmly, then there should not be any loosely connected components. Next, Is that you check the transfer rates of the USB port.

Find the transfer rate of your hard disk in your Hard disk manual and find the transfer speed of the port using the device manager. If the transfer rates mismatch, them make them equal using device manager. 

The most recent issue is a viral problem that triggers frequently after a random amount of time, for this you may choose a  good antivirus software recently updated and upgraded.

Make sure you have installed the correct driver for it as specified in the manual.

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