Having problem with Microsoft PowerPoint

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Please guide me…

I have a PowerPoint presentation which had a clip with sound and it was producing sound well.

However after having moved the presentation and the clip to a different folder and also the sound got deleted. I have tried checking my headphones they are okay as I can hear some other sounds.

Can this be VBA related or what could be the problem?

Someone please assist.

Thank you…

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Having problem with Microsoft PowerPoint


Hi user

File corruption is common in MS PowerPoint files. There are methods to prevent the risk of file corruption though.

First don't work your file in a removable media; transferring files to removable media can also make them corrupt.

You got turn of an option called Fast saves in PowerPoint that increases the risk of corrupting files. Go to options under the tools menu and go to the Save options, here click on the checkbox named Allow fast saves so that it is not ticked. This won't affect the way you save files except  it makes the saving process a little bit longer.

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Having problem with Microsoft PowerPoint


The problem is not with the headphones, but it is possibly as a result of moving the PowerPoint file to a different folder. Note that the two files; the PowerPoint file and the sound clip, are two files that you have embedded one onto another. And if you can remember very well, when embedding the sound file to the PowerPoint file, you needed to browse to the folder location of the sound file so that you can embed it to the PowerPoint file. Therefore changing the location of the PowerPoint file alters everything and therefore you will need to attach the sound to it again as you had done before.

-Clair Charles


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