Hard Drive showing RAW format instead of NTFS or FAT32

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Hi guys,

A few days back my pc started freezing on the opening of  even a very lite software. It just become jam for a certain time and then start working. I thought that it is the fault of my OS (Windows XP) so I decided to reinstall my windows. So when I booted the pc and after prompting of OS where to install and which drive to format I chosen C drive.

After formatting and restarting the PC it says some windows file is missing. So I again booted from windows CD and there the C drive shows RAW file format instead of NTFS or FAT. So I tried again on C drive but the results are again the same. Please help me out because whichever drive I choose It becomes raw and windows installation never proceeds to next step. I contacted my hardware manufacturer and they said that it is due to  bad sector and hard disk  is completely damaged. Please help me as I do not want to lose my 10 years of hard work documents present on the hard drive

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Hard Drive showing RAW format instead of NTFS or FAT32


There is possibly a problem with your window installation CD or your hard drive.

Try to change the installation CD of windows and try. If not working do the following:

Attach this hard drive to some other PC as a slave and copy all your required data.

Once you have copied all your data, now run your hard drive as master and remove all the partitions in this hard drive. Make partitions again and try to install the window.

Hope it works. If not then possibly there is some serious problem with your hard drive. Replace this hard drive ASAP or get it checked for bad sectors.

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