Graphics resolution exceeded a limit.

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Willing to help me,

I am generating an image from a model about 20 seconds for someone and that error occurs.

Does it mean that it does not support an image larger than 3000?

Do I have to make it smaller than what I have now?


After Effects error: Warp cannot allocate a buffer lager than 30000 pixels in either dimension.


( 25 :: 56 )

Help is very much appreciated.

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Graphics resolution exceeded a limit.



Your image may have a larger size than the maximum resolution supported by After Effects which is 30000×30000 pixels and you are trying to make it larger by adding effects like Motion Tile or Basic 3D. This also happens when the effects used are in conjunction with the expressions causing them to break and set the parameters to higher values.

The workaround in this situation is to reduce the resolution of your images and use subtler values. Use expressions safely and make sure they do not break. To adjust the resolution of an image go to the Settings menu then click New and specify the resolution then click Ok and enter a name for the template.

Resolution can be full if it renders each pixel in composition and half if it renders 1/4 of the pixels contained in the full resolution of the image. The Third resolution renders only 1/9 of the pixels, the water renders only 1/16 and the Custom setting renders the pixels of the image at the resolution you specify.




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