Got an error while opening database in Simply Accounting System

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I just installed Sage Simply Accounting system software on my newly issued PC. 

I then tried opening the company’s database, but I got this error message (see below). 

As a long time user of this software, I knew I had the privilege to open the file.  Did I miss a step? 

Can someone help me, please? 

Thanks in advance.

Simply Accounting

Simply Accounting cannot open the database because some database files are read only.

Please ensure you have sufficient rights to the files, then try again.

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Got an error while opening database in Simply Accounting System


                      Hi do you have multiple users to your computer? If so, maybe you are running a user which has a limited privilege to access your data or files to your computer. If you want to open a database to the current user that you are using, right click the file then click properties then uncheck the read-only at the bottom of the form that will appear. Or you can try also to go to security tab then click the edit button; you can change the permission on a specific user that you select at the top of the permissions I posted the image so you will know what I am talking about.  This solution may fix your problem.

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