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I use gmail as my favorite mail and I have been using it for a while now. Recently there has been some problem with connecting gmail and I do not understand what is causing this problem. I need to know whether this is a browser problem or problem with my internet connection/IP, or is it just a problem of my pc. Should someone know of this problem kindly help me with it.

Johan Weiz

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To determine if this is a problem related to slow or defective internet connection, check out other sites first. If they load immediately as usual then your internet connection is definitely in good shape. This is not causing your Gmail connectivity failure.

Therefeore, we are now looking at a problem in your Gmail server.

This may be caused by a conflicting software in your PC, browser, or cache, that needs to be cleared. It may also be due to some kind of a temporary problem on the Gmail server.

To solve this issue, upgrade your browser first. If you are currently using an updated version, follow further directions in this site.

I hope I have been of help. Good luck!