Give special permission to specific users over network

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I am using Windows 7 and I have some issues while sharing files over LAN. 

Problem description:

I have shared a specific folder over LAN and I want to give permissions to specific people.

for example.

User1 can read and write to that file.

User2 Can only read that file.

How can I do that, can anyone help me regarding this problem?


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Give special permission to specific users over network


This is one of the solutions option

You can login to the each machine through administrator rights. Eg.Put the user name as ‘administrator’ and insert the administer pass word

Go to the shared folder.

Right click and go to ‘properties’ and go to the ‘security’ tab’

Select the user name, which you have to give the rights. Eg User 01

Go to the ‘Advanced” tab and click the ‘Effective permission’

Here you can give the rights on your own way by putting a tick on the relevant boxes

For user 1: put read and write both

For User 2: Put read only




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Give special permission to specific users over network


You can not give multiple access to one file for multiple users on Windows 7.  Although this feature is available in server administration.  In windows 7 you can share one file with just one permission and this will be applicable on all other users in network. But in server administration it is quite possible to share the folder and then giving rights for different users.

You need to install a server to run and work on this feature.  All of your files will be on the server and from there, you can give rights to other peoples as you desire. But in Windows, it is limited and you can just give one right to all users on the network.

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