GIMP installation fille not found

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Hi experts,

I am trying to install fonts for use with GIMP only but I have no permission to install it properly. I am unable to setting up fonts using GIMP even from the later version. I have tried to create a font configuration file to fix this issue but could not get any resolution. Can I get any suggestion from you? I want to resolve this problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

GIMP Extensions v2.8.20130215  INSTALLATION ABORTED

GIMP Extensions v2.8.20130215


GIMP installation not found!

Please install it first

Only versions between 2.8.2 and 2.8.99 are supported

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GIMP installation fille not found



It’s very simple to add the font file under control panel (reach "fonts" and put the file here).  Later when you open Gimp, it will auto load all the fonts.

In your case it seems there is Gimp version problem, just update the program. Things will work I guess. Gimp version 2.6 seems to be working fine with certain fonts, if it’s really necessary download and check it out.

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