Genuine Windows 7 OS Prompt

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I have recently bought a new tower and got my operating system installed. It's about one month old. Up to the end of last week, there was no problem with the OS. Since last week, every now and then a dialogue box appears saying that my OS is not genuine. I have been using the net since I installed Windows 7 a month ago, but no such message appeared before. All of a sudden, it started showing this message and prompts to get a "genuine" version. Could anyone tell me more about this? Why does it appear and what I can do about this?

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Genuine Windows 7 OS Prompt



I'll talk to you in plain English so that you would understand it clearly.

There is only 1 problem you have, and that is you bought a pirated OS disc installer.. There is no way that a brand new original operating system prompt you to that kind of "genuine issue" it cannot be a virus, never heard of that causing the genuine OS having trouble of "genuine issue" if you're sure that it is a genuine then…

1. Go Online  and contact Microsoft customer service and ask for help. 

The reason behind this problem in my opinion and based on my experience is that when you installed the newly bought OS disc, by default "recommended update" is on and that is normal. However, the moment you've gone online that feature will be activated and that your OS talks to the Microsoft's server requesting to update, the server then check your OS identity it authenticates your serial and other information in your desktop/Laptop. If the serial you have cannot be found on the server then the conclusion is you bought a pirated OS disc, hence, they will throw you that issue.

The best way to solve this problem is…

1. To go to the vendor and return your OS to them and ask for your money back, you have the right to do that because the CD is 99% pirated (if not 100%) and that is illegal.

2. Else, you need to buy a new OS, and make sure this time to ask the vendor that it is 100% genuine, and check the disc label as well.. 

I wish this would help you solve your problem.

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Genuine Windows 7 OS Prompt



There are a couple of reasons why you have the Genuine version icon

1. The Window 7 software you bought could have been a fake or it had been installed already by another user. The Windows Update has an application called Genuine validation tool, this may explain why the command prompt appears later rather than the time you had installed it.

2. Your computer must have been severely infested by a virus which changed your OS status and let the genuine validation tool detect your system.

You can check if it’s validated follow this link:

and contact your service provider because you might have been a victim of software counterfeiting.

If it’s the virus the best thing you can do is to back up your files and reformat and re-install your system again and make sure you did not back up the virus.

Here are the instructions on having a clean re-install:

Good luck!


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