Garena League of Legends Setup failed to Patch

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During the install of a Patch for League of Legends this error appeared. Now my game is not working at all and also I did a fresh install of the entire game and still is not working. It seems like this patch messed up my entire game and PC. Can anyone help me to repair what I messed up ? What could be the problem with League of Legends ?

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Garena – League of Legends Setup

Failed to Patch :20121221, Please reinstall the latest game.


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Garena League of Legends Setup failed to Patch


The cause of this problem is a faulty installer – you will have to manually move the files that failed to update. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Run the update process again and when the above error appears, do not click OK. Rather, move to error window away to the side, so it reveals the text below.

2. Now that you know the file that failed to update and its location, you can proceed to manually replace it. There are several ways to do this. You can ask someone for the file that you need and transfer it over USB or you can download the full client in an archive from here. Once you download it, you can extract any file you want and transfer to your installation folder.

After you replace the offending files, run the patching process again. Now your League of Legends will work properly.

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