Garbage displayed on monitor screen?

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I just newly bought from the computer shop an AGP video card and installed it on my computer.

Then turn on my computer and appeared on the monitor screen a garbage display.

I turned off my computer and detached the video card, then connect the monitor to the built in video card and turned on my computer.

And it was okay the display was good and running.

What’s causing garbage display, the video card is new?

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Garbage displayed on monitor screen?


When you are buying a video card to upgrade the previous video handler your computer has, it is not an ordinary appliance where you buy it then use it afterwards. It needs something for it to work.

You need to install your new video card’s driver. It will not work until it is installed. I’m sure when you bought the AGP card, it comes with a CD installer. You need to run the installer found in the CD so Windows can use the new hardware. Load the CD on your CD-ROM drive, then look for a file that looks like this: setup.exe or install.exe. If you found the file, double-click it to launch it then follow the steps.

If on the other hand, you cannot find the setup.exe or install.exe, but instead other files are present, try this procedure:

Be sure first that your new AGP card is properly attached to the AGP slot of your board.

  1. Right-click on My Computer.
  2. Click on the Hardware tab.
  3. Click on Device Manager.
  4. Double-click on the item with a yellow question mark.
  5. Click on Driver tab.
  6. Click on Update Driver then follow the steps.

If the installation is successful your computer will restart afterwards.

If the problem is only with the driver that you forgot to install, then this will work.

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