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There is a rumor that I heard that there is another portable gaming console and this is the G155 Sentry.

What company developed this portable gaming environment?

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The G155 Sentry made by GAMES

The G155 Sentry is not exactly a brand-new portable gaming console, but rather just a suitcase for the Xbox360 gaming console. It is a portable suitcase made by the company GAMES, who also made the first G155. By the look of things, this is a very powerful portable gaming environment, sporting a pretty big LED screen that can go up to a 720p resolution.

It has just been announced at this recent E3 2012, so expect it to be released on or before the end of this year. Oh and by the way, the Xbox360 is not included in the whole package, so you need to have an Xbox360 first before you can use it.