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I send friend request to many people at different times from my face book account.

But I forgot them all.

Does face book keep any list of user’s friend request?

If so, how can I get the list?

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Hi Claire,

Sorry to inform you like this.

The Facebook didn’t keep any list of user’s friend request.

Currently they don’t have any place on the site to keep them.

But if you go to someone’s profile (timeline) you can see the status based on the following.

If you see Add as Friend, then you didn’t send any friend request to him/her.

If you see Awaiting friend confirmation, then you know you are already sent a request to him/her, but they still not accepted or confirmed yet.

If you see the Remove friend link, you’ll know you have both confirmed your friendship.

Hope this will help you

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There is no service on Facebook that shows to which persons you send the friend request. Not even you can’t find this service on any other application. But if you go to those peoples profile or on timeline you may find out the status among you and your desire friend like following:

1. When you find “Add as friend”, it means your friend request is already cancelled by the person.

2. When you find “Awaiting friend confirmation”, it means your desired person doesn’t confirm your request yet.

3. And when you find “remove friend”, it means you and your desire person are now friends.

 You may find more details on

Hope this will be helpful for you.

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Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have or provide a list of friend request you’ve sent.

What you can do is, go to his/her profile (Timeline) and in there, you will be able to know if you already sent a request to him/her by checking it on the upper right of his/her profile. If the box you see in there is “Friend request sent”, it means you already sent a friend request to him/her and it will also notify you if someone accepted your request.

And if you try to search a name in the “Search” box, let’s say for example, “John”, the first person who will appear in the list is your friend and the second or succeeding people who will appear in the list are those whom you’ve sent a request (If you just added someone whose name is John).

Furthermore, you can create a list in your Facebook so that next time you will add someone, you will know who they are (By putting them in the list after you’ve sent a request to them).

These are the steps how to create a list:

1. In your profile (Home), click “MORE” button beside “FRIENDS” or go to this link

2. Then click “Create List” and name the list any you want (But I prefer to name it as “Pending Friend Request” and you don’t need to add member in there yet but whenever you sent a friend request, make sure to put him/her in the “Pending Friend Request” list ) then click “Create”.

3. If you want to see the profile/s you’ve added in the list, just click the “Pending Friend Request” or what name you used in your Home and that’s done!

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Hi  Claire Esseck

There is another Techyv post which one will be also helpful for you. Pay a visit that page and get more idea to resolve this issue.

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