Free downloads for memory cleaner 2011

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I would like to download a memory cleaner 2011 for my mac. Do you know any free downloads for this app? If there's no free download for the app, are there any trial version for this one? I think I really need this app because I want to free up all memory that is not being used in order to make my mac run faster. However, I'm still undecided if it's worthy to spend some dollars on. Please share on those links to me. Even a free trial version would really do for me.

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Free downloads for memory cleaner 2011


Hi Jeviery Ero,

I would not recommend you to download the file but as for your request, the download is here and is free to download. The link will be attached below as I discuss the cons of downloading this product. This memory cleaner isn't good at algorithm techniques and is full of advertisement for their profit, greedy that is, the software is annoying also at startup. Decide before you download,


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Free downloads for memory cleaner 2011



Hope you are well. As for me, I would not advice you to get the app. Memory does not apply to space but also the speed at which a computer can process data. Although space can slow down a computer, in a Macintosh scenario, this is taken care of by the Mac OS X. Its able to manage memory well without the use of applications that can be downloaded from the internet.

But you can still buy the

  1. Mackeeper
  2. Free memory by Rocky Sand Studio
  3. IMemoryCleaner

​​You can still try to close all open programs and applications and reboot your mac.

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