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Author: Aldo Dillan
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Hi friends I am looking for an anonymous quickie phone application that will work on my galaxy y? Is there is any free one?

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Hello Aldo,

I am going to write down the solution of your quickie phone app for android.

·         Click on the mentioned link:

·         It opens the website which having this free application. You can download it install it free on your mobile.

Harthy Opera

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I also tried searching the web for an application named anonymous quickie but all I’m getting is the “Quickie” episode of the TV series, Law and Order aired on January 6, 2009. The application mentioned on that episode is really not an existing phone application which is supposed to be a mobile service for people looking for or who are engaging in casual physical intercourse. That’s why, if you’ll be looking for the source code of the supposed application, I’m not sure if you’ll be getting one.

Anonymous Quickie refers to a term used in a Law and Order SVU episode coined for a mobile service that matches people interested in casual love-making activities with each other using a geo-targeting mobile application. I think the mobile service is in a form of a phone application where it needs to be installed to activate and use the service. Anonymous Quickie uses the phone as a geo-locator to track people nearby looking for anonymous “Quickie”.

Sharath Reddy