Forgot Password to log on to Network Key of DLink DIR-615

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I have a DLink DIR-615 Router. It has WPA security key and it has Network Key, which I mainly use when logging in to, whenever, I need to change the settings of my router.  But I can't log on to this network key anymore.


Invalid password, please try again.

I forgot the password I use. The user name is still the default Admin but I changed the password before and I can't access this anymore. Even if I try to push the reset button at the back of the router, it does not change it or rollback to its original settings. The default password is blank, so I leave it blank and yet I can't still log in.

I uninstall the driver for my router and install it back afterwards. I can successfully connect to my network but upon logging in again, using my Mozilla Firefox browser, I can't still log in using the default network keys assigned for username and password.

How can I reset this to a new password? I need to change my WPA key because someone keeps using my wireless internet without my knowledge.  I'm using Windows XP Pro and this is connected to the modem, in which my router is also connected.

Please help.

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Forgot Password to log on to Network Key of DLink DIR-615


Hi Peter,

If someone is using your WiFi, without your permission then there is a huge possibility that person is the one who changed your password.

How did you reset your router?

Try removing all the cables but keep the power on. Now push the reset button with a paper clip or an alternative, for about 10 seconds then release.  You will notice that the router will reboot now. Then after about a minute, try to access  the router through

Try again with the username: admin and blank password.

Please take note that all your settings will revert back to the default status.


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Forgot Password to log on to Network Key of DLink DIR-615



D-link DIR-615 has 2 default log-ins, admin and user. Your credentials might work in user log-in, and this only has read-only access. By default, there is no password created and it is advisable to create a log-in username/password to gain admin access.

Using admin log-in, you have the read/write access, this log-in allows you to change the configuration of the D-link interface.

Doing the manual reset of the router, pushing the reset button with a pen/paper clip for 30 seconds to 1 minute will restore back to it's original settings and log-ins.

In your case, it didn't work when you log-in but you are connected to the Internet. This is confusing as to why your log-in is still not working after the router reset.

You might using someone else unsecured wireless network that has the same router model as yours.

* Check the status, look for wireless icon in the system tray, check how many list of wireless network/SSID are detected.
* Identify who are those networks and check if your network is on the list.
* Disconnect wireless network, refresh the list and check the network SSID detected.
* Once identified that you are connecting to your own SSID, this should let you access the admin log-in interface of your router D-link DIR-615.

Hope this eliminates confusion.

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Forgot Password to log on to Network Key of DLink DIR-615


Thanks for sending possible solutions.

And sorry for the delayed reply. Due to a virus, I re install my windows operating system.

And that resolves the issue. Maybe there has been changes on my system settings.

By the way,

Thanks again.

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