Forgot the Login Password in Windows XP

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I am an IT professional and can solve the common hardware or software issue. Very often my friends come to me with various types of problem and so far I have satisfied all of them more or less. But in this case I can’t find any solution.

Yesterday one of my friend came to me and told me that he forget the login password of his Compaq notebook which is running on Windows XP. I have tried to enter as administrator but it is also protected by password. I don’t know any other option to access the OS. Please help me in this regard. Is there any utility software available to unlock the windows login password?

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Forgot the Login Password in Windows XP


Hi Swann,

It is very confusing and irritating issue. However I have given some solution on the below that you can resolve your problem-No tension we are here.

Solution 1:

  • Restart your computer
  • You have to press F8 continuously before the boot screen menu appears.
  • Then you have to select start windows in safe mode option.
  • You have to look for the administrator user icon.
  • Log in through your admin user.
  • Reboot your computer again.

Solution 2: If the above method does not work then you can follow the below-

  • You can use windows password Unlocker.
  • You have to download first Windows password Unlocker from the Windows password Unlocker official site.
  • Then you have to decompress the windows password Unlocker and burn it into a blank CD disk.
  • Now enter the new CD disk into your CD/DVD-ROM and reboot your computer from the CD drive.
  • Then a pop up menu will appear where you can see your entire user name. Select your username click on the reset option.
  • Your password will reset and you will be able to log on your computer.

Solution 3:

  • Start your computer by windows safe mode.
  • Go to the start menu and click on the run option
  • Type “control userpasswords2″ in the run option and click OK
  • Then click on your user account which you have forgotten the password and click on the reset option.
  • Then you have to type a new password click on the ok
User account Reset Windows Password

Solution 4: You can use windows password breaker software.

  • First you have to download windows password breaker software from their official site and.
  • You have to run the program and burn into a USB flash drive or in CD disk.
  • Then connect your USB flash drive and boot your computer from USB drive.
  • Then you have to reset your password
  • Then you can log on your computer by no password.

I hope your problem will be solved.

Solution 5: If the above method will not work then don’t worry you have some alternative option.

  • Insert a windows XP CD into your CD DVD-ROM and reboot your computer
  • You have to press ENTER when you see the Welcome to Setup screen.
  • Then you have to press F8 to accept the license agreement.
  • Then you can see the windows repair option and click on it.
  • When windows repairing will be completed then you can see a installing Devices progress bar and you have pressed SHIFT+F10
  • Then type NUSRMGR.CPL and click ok.
  • Then you can access your control panel option graphically and Create a new password for your user name.
  • Then you can log on your computer by new password.

Solution 6: If you cannot resolve this problem anymore then you can use Windows Login Recovery Software. Otherwise you have to change your operating system. For further information please reply to this message. Till then pass a happy moment.

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Forgot the Login Password in Windows XP


Here are multiple ways to recover or change passwords on a Windows XP computer if you have forgotten your password.

Method 1:

1. If you are logged on to an account with administrative privileges, you can change user passwords using the following steps:

a. Click on the green Start button and click Run. Then type cmd into the text box and press Enter
b. Type net user [Username of the Account] * (e.g. net user Administrator *) then press Enter. Make sure you spell the username correctly, and you have the "*" after the username.
c. Type in what you would like to reset the password to, then press Enter. Type it in again and press Enter.

2. If you are logged out of the computer and cannot figure out the password at the start up screen, do the following: (this typically only works on Windows XP Home Edition)

  1. Restart the computer and tap the F8 button repeatedly while your computer starts up.
  2. You will get a screen with a list of options. You need to either choose Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Press Enter to confirm your selection.
  3. After waiting a while for all the drivers to load (all the scrolling stuff), you will get the Welcome Screen, where you choose an account to log into. We know that the other accounts you can't get into, but there should be a new account called Administrator.
  4. Click on the Administrator account and then use the first procedure to reset someone's password.

Method 2

  1. Log in with any valid account.
  2. Bring up the command prompt.
  3. Type : net user.
  4. You get a list of accounts.
  5. Type: net user Administrator * (Type: net user (any account on that list) *
  6. It prompts for password. Enter one, then enter it again when prompted to confirm.
  7. Log on as 'Administrator' with your new password.
  8. Edit: Please note that this might not work on a LIMITED account.

Method 3

  1. Restart the machine and start pressing F8 immediately.
  2. Boot into 'Safe Mode' (it has a default administrator account).
  3. Go to control panel –> User Accounts.
  4. Change the password of the account you want.

Method 4

  1. Use a Windows 2000 recovery CD to boot the machine.
  2. Start the 'Windows Recovery Console'.
  3. Access to anything you like.
  4. Add a user with 'Administrator' privileges.
  5. Even change the Administrator password.

Method 5

  1. Boot off your XP disk.
  2. Start an installation and 'Repair' your windows installation.
  3. When the progress bar says 'Installing Devices', press Shift-F10 to get a command window.
  4. Type NUSRMGR.CPL to get the User Accounts control panel and change what you like.

Method 6

  1. Pull the hard drive from the machine.
  2. Install it in a drive enclosure (OR plug it into another machine's IDE/SATA/SCSI/(whatever it is) port and give it power).
  3. Boot up with that second machine's normal boot drive as 'Administrator' and access or change permissions on any files on the drive you like.
  4. Put the drive back in its original case.

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