Footer floating problem at the heart of the page

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Hi everyone,

In forum I have emerged as a new user. So I am going to have some hand of cooperation. New things for me are like HTML, CSS, PHP etc. I found that the footer continues floating at midst in the pages and all my hard attempts have been taken to solve this trouble but failed. So please solve this.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Footer floating problem at the heart of the page



Hi Annarforster!

Improper design/styling is the reason why your footer is floating on your pages.

Create a <div> for your content and another <div> for your footer and place it below the <div> content so that footer will not float.

If you floated your footer, make sure you add clear:both; in you css.

Here is an example on how you do it.

<div id="content">

put your content here


<div id="footer">

put your footer contents here


CSS code

#footer {

float: left;



Please take note that you will only apply the CSS code if you floated the footer.


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