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I recently brought a Samsung wave 3, now I want to use FM transmitter on my phone. But I don't know how to use it.

Do someone know how to use that ?

Or is there an option for that ?

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yes, you need to plug in a headphone and get a FM radio app from samsung app store..

Instrall it and restart Samsung Wave again . Plug in Headphone again. 

If not, Upgrade your wava from application setting.

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Most phones usually has on its menu applications for FM transmitters.

In your case, go to your menu and check each application.  If there is none, go to Samsung apps which can also be found in your menu.  Make sure you are connected to the internet.  

Touch it and look for 1.FM.  This is free and can be downloaded readily to your device.  

You will need your earphones/headphones plugged to your device to use this application.

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In all Samsung product there are Ratio icon. Just tap it and  search for the ratio station id or just tap the Self tuning you must use an earphone to active it.  if you can't active it. you must download an application for that kind of radio frequency

.here is a link to fast access and of to download your applications easy

just choose what you want to download in your phone. Much better if you have WIFI connection on your phone.

i hope i answer your question.

- mardiv señor-