Flash driver is halted and not working…

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I have 4 GB Kingston flash drive. It was working very well in passed days but now It is not working and not attach with the computer as well. Because one time it will fall down in the water then I gave heat to the flash after some time it stop working. After few days it start to gave different types of errors which create much trouble for me as well because I have to transfer lot of my data with the help of flash. The error is like you cannot access to the flash.  Flash drive is not attached with PC etc…
Hope you understand the problem and send me the solution.

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Flash driver is halted and not working…


The most possible reason for this is a damage caused when it contact with water. You haven't mentioned how you made it dry but in case if you did not do it well and plugged the flash drive in to the PC that can cause bad effects on its circuit.

For now one thing you can do is plug the flash drive into a machine which is running a Linux OS (hoping you currently work on Windows) and see if it works.If it worked thatmeans it is not a physical issue so format the flash and try again on Windows. It must work. But if it still act dumb there is really something bad. 🙁 I suggest you to keep it aside and buy a new one. 

If you have more doubts or explanations you may ask, I will try to help you 🙂

Good luck!

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