Flag Bounced Emails on SQL Server

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I am having issues with my SQL Server bouncing emails. It bounced back as to non working or sometimes marked as spam. Can someone please provide some ideas on how I can bring this back to my SQL Server and flag those bounced emails that are not working? Please provide step-by-step instructions.

Thank you.

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Flag Bounced Emails on SQL Server



There are many reasons why it is bounced back.  First, it could be because the recipient’s mailbox is already full. Second, the address of the recipient does no longer exist.  Third, the server is not available temporarily.  Fourth, the message is too large.  Last, the address of the recipient is invalid. Although there are other reasons why this happens, these are the most common reasons.  Here are possible steps that could help reduce your emails from bouncing back.

1. Check your email list for formatted addresses that are incorrect or that have invalid domains.

2. Set a double opt-in system when making a subscriber list, so that each address will be validated before adding it to your list.

3. Review if these bounced emails come from the same email service providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. For this can prevent you from sending your messages successfully as this may be in the spam filters.

4. Contact the email service providers to know the exact problem.

5. Ensure that you are not on services that has any email Blacklists.

6. Do a send test to your own email and others.  Try different types of email when testing.

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Flag Bounced Emails on SQL Server



Hi Lala,
How are you doing?
Flag and bounce email can be a quite troublesome especially when you are in a hurry. Bounced email has two types: hard bounce and soft bounce. Hard bounce means that the message is permanently returned to the sender while soft bounce refers to the returned email temporarily because the recipient has their inbox full, deleted or unavailable.
The godBox application is one of the best in handling bounced emails.Otherwise you can use some tricks in dealing with flag and bounce emails. You can read the thread here: Read Thread


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