Fixing User Rights on PC problem

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The bottom line of my question is, do you have any idea on how to check or fix the user rights on my PC? My problem started when I try to connect to remote pc through MMC (Microsoft Management Console), a dialog box appears asking for my username and password. 

What is more frustrating is, when I already inputted my username and password, it keeps on popping-up and asking me again to input those fields. Using this PC, I have used to connect with MMC before. I think this problem started when I have added administrator account to the three local policies 'Logon as a batch job, Log on as a service and Log on locally' and restarted the services.

On other pc, under same user account, connection worked fine! I ended up to the thought that the problem is not on my user account but with the rights on the computer.

Please help me.

Thanks for your answers!

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Fixing User Rights on PC problem


Seems to be a bit complicated issue here. IT would be better if you can look a the official documentation on how to solve the problem.

The reason why this error keeps popping in is that the user name with which it is associated is not the one that you are trying to log in to. Or the username that you are using is not the administrator username of the computer.

There can 1 possible thing to get rid of all these things, delete all the user groups and go from the start. Define the user rights first for 1 user and then do it for other users. Don't just use a batch of users at once.

For a quick possible guide go to user groups and accounts documentation on the microsoft website.

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