Fixing Combo DVD-RW Reading Failed

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I am using Samsung DVD-RW with Windows 7 OS.

My problem is that, the DVD-RW is sporadically failed to read disks but could be solved by reboot, but eventually completely fails to read any disk. How can I solve the problem?

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Fixing Combo DVD-RW Reading Failed



  • Check to see if the DVD-RW is unable to read or write. If it can read but not write, there may be a problem with the laser calibration. the lens is dirty, or you are attempting to burn too fast. Reduce the burn speed in your burning software and attempt the burn again. If it works you just need to reduce the burn speed when you're making a DVD. Laser calibration issues generally need a replacement unit.
  • Turn off the computer and unplug it from the socket. Remove the case and locate the DVD-RW drive. Check the physical connections on the DVD-RW drive, ensuring that the power cable and IDE cable are connected properly. Blow canned air into the unit to clear out any debris that may be causing problems. Put the case back on, plug in the computer, and turn it on. Use a laser lens cleaner. Attempt to read and write a DVD again.
  • Update the DVD-RW drivers. Go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers for your model. Try reading or writing a DVD after the driver upgrade. A driver compatibility issue may have stopped the drive from working properly.
  • Update the DVD burning software and try a different type of blank DVD.

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