The first door to “An Entirely Biological Computer”

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Recently I read an article on Iron- Eating Bacteria.

When the Bacteria eats iron it generates magnetite or tiny magnets within itself. 

Those magnets in twist can create a magnetic surface most likely what is used in a traditional hard drive. 

Is it going to open the first door to “An Entirely Biological Computer”?

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The first door to “An Entirely Biological Computer”


At the heart of the enhancement is the Bacterium Magnetospirillum magneticum, an amphibian life form this is remarkable specifically for its capability to arrange itself as per Earth's attractive field. When the bacterium consumes press, it generates magnetite, or modest magnets within itself. Those magnets, in turn, can frame an attractive surface much like what's utilized in a time honored hard drive.

Today's hard drives would be more diminutive, quicker, cheaper and vaster than their ancestors, but require for ever-more diminutive segments is making it troublesome to continue upgrading them. 

Therein untruths in any event part of the cause behind Biocomputing in which minute natural particles are being enrolled to play a part and just researchers have distinguished a brand new late conceivability in this region. Particularly, scientists at the UK's University of Leeds and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have found a late potential player: press consuming microbes.

Since improvement continues successfully, the outcome would be able to be an entire unique sort of hard drive and perhaps even an entire revamped sort of workstation.

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