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Hi there,

I have FireFox 26.0 which Tweaked a bit to increase my browsing speed, I changed Network. Pipping from 32 to 35, then introduced browser. Turbo. Boolean to true, since then my computer (Acer Aspire running on Windows 8) is freezing every time I start Firefox, I want to reset the browser to its defaults but the freezes are not allowing me to navigate the application, how do I solve this one? And why are these changes freezing my computer off every time I start the application?

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Hi Ayannahana,
There are multiple solutions to solve the Firefox freezing problem.
Solution 1: Changing the settings of Firefox
1) Click on the Firefox button, Select 'Options' button
2) In the Firefox options, Click 'Advanced' button
3) Click 'General', the settings list will open in the system
4) Uncheck the checkbox 'Use hardware acceleration when available' checkbox
5) Restart the Firefox after the settings are applied

Solution 2: Using Firefox in safe mode
1) Click 'Firefox' button, go to the 'Help' menu
2) Select 'Add-ons disabled' option, the Firefox dialog box will open
3) Select the option to open Firefox window to open
4) Click 'Start in Safe Mode' option to start the Firefox in safe mode
5) After the problem is solved, close the Firefox in safe mode and restart the Firefox again to work in normal mode