Fingerprint readers constantly disconnect and re-connect itself

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Hi experts,


I am experiencing the issue out of the blue where the where the fingerprint reader constantly disconnects, only to reconnects itself moments later. The following error message appears when it disconnects and shows “fingerprint device is not present” Whenever I attempt to open the protector suite software. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Error: An internal error occurred (bpwb: bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbebu(900106ba)). Details E7210001 An internal error occurred (bpwb: bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbebu(800106ba)).

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Fingerprint readers constantly disconnect and re-connect itself



This is more hardware-oriented issue. Looks like your hardware has errors. More accurate, your motherboard. On motherboard is a component for reading fingerprints, and due to a hardware error, it keeps connecting and disconnecting itself. Solution is to take the whole laptop to service shop to check it!

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