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Which software is more effective interms of functionality? Is it the Fedora Linux or would the Red Hat Linux be a better pick?

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Red hat makes Linux for enterprise consumers .they are giving long term support for their product. Fedora is not owned by Red hat but a sponsor. Fedora is a Linux distribution developed and maintained by a community. Red hat Linux is aiming at enterprise customers where as Fedora is aiming at desktop customers.
If your company is big it is better to use Red hat Linux. But if it is for personal use or for a small network or office it is better to use fedora. fedora will work very well with your laptop too. If you need a professional support go for Red hat Linux.
Red hat Enterprise Server is Suited for large companies looking for multiple licensed servers. even though it is open source it is not free

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Fedora Linux or simply Fedora is one of the various distributions of the Linux operating system. It was created and supported by the Fedora Project which is an open source community that was formed in 2003 as an affiliation between volunteer contributors and Red Hat. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL branches for commercial use are founded on Fedora.

Though RHEL branches into commercial use, the open source Fedora Linux operating system itself is still available for free that can be used and customized by anyone. The newest release of Fedora Linux called Fedora 18 was unveiled in January 2013 and it was nicknamed as Spherical Cow. This newest edition of Fedora Linux uses GNOME 3.6.3 for the desktop interface.

Along with the new features and additions includes support for UEFI Secure Boot, Xfce 4.10, KDE 4.9, support for enhanced Active Directory, and the open source cloud platform OpenStack Folsom. Another edition that is currently under development is the Fedora 19 and is nicknamed as Schrödinger's Cat. It is anticipated to be announced third quarter of this year, July 2013.

Red Hat Linux is a flexible distribution that can be made a desktop or a server either for home use or for business. It includes everything you need to setup such as a web server, DNS server, email server, news server, and more. It also includes software that can be used for email, publishing, web browsers, calendars, internet tools, and lots more.

Sharath Reddy

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Hi James.

RedHat is an USA based computer software company. RedHats main income are from selling premium desktop, workstation and server support. Their main producta are RedHat Enterprise and RedHat Server Linux based operating systems. Fedora is non-comercial RedHat based distribution aimed at home users and in full RedHat sponsorship.

Queen Norman