Fax From Computer To Fax Machine Free And Reduce Your Work Load

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Hi. I am a worker in an office based in Delhi. Recently, I have started working with clients abroad and there is a lot of faxing work involved. I would like to know the steps to fax from computer to fax machine free. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Fax From Computer To Fax Machine Free And Reduce Your Work Load


Hi. There are three ways to fax from computer to fax machine free which are as follows-

1) You can activate the internet faxing by –

• Click on start menu and then select the control panel

• Select programs and features and then click on turn Windows features on or off

• Click on print and document services and then select the option of Windows fax and scan.

Click on OK

2) You can register yourself with the Internet fax service

• Open the browser and go to the internet fax service website

• Select the registration option and then when the details are asked for, type them to set up a subscription

• Activate the Internet fax service on your PC when asked for.

• Select the run option followed by the allow option to enable the installation of the registration file on the computer.

Then click on OK

3) Send fax using MS Office

• In MS Office, open the document

• Select the office button which is present at the upper left corner of the screen

• From the send menu, click on internet fax option as a result of which an email will open up containing of an image as the attached file

• In the “to” section, type the number of the recipient and then click on send option.

Hope we helped.

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