Failure to resize image in ImageMagick

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Hi, guys!

I'm trying to resize an image in ImageMagick (IM) but I keep getting an Error Code 141. This is very confusing because according to IM's documentation, error codes only range from 300-800.

Is there anyone here who has information on Error Code 141 to help me solve this issue? 

To better understand my problem, here are more details:

ImageMagick was installed on an Amazon S3 via YUM installation software. It is being invoked by my Scala code through the im4Java library, which claims the error codes are returned as-is from IM.

The problematic images are also being cropped. I have tried (1) cropping and resizing in one command, and (2) cropping then resizing. I was able to crop the images but not resize.

Please help me with this. Thanks in advance. 


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Failure to resize image in ImageMagick


Hi there!

I do not know why error code 141 pops out in your imagemagick. However, if you are just trying to resize a picture, you can do it online without hassle and much adjustment, use Shrink Picture websites, you will find the link under resources. To do this, go to the link, select the "browse" button to load the picture, specify the new image dimensions and picture quality, then click "resize". The resized picture will then appear on the website. Right-Click the image and click "Save Image As" to save the image to your computer.

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