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Hello readers, I have a problem that I  encountered while I am using CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3,

I am posting also the screen shot of the error message.

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

Failed to create new bucket.

The error message above is new to me, I used CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 for the past months without any problem, before I meet that error, I don't remember making any changes on my computer's settings,

I have seen a lot of articles in the internet but none was exactly the same with what I have, I don't have any idea on how to solve this problem, please share some ideas to my post here, thanks for reading,

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Internal system error is the reason why there is a failure in creating a new bucket when you're using Cloudberry Explorer.

If experienced like this, you may try to log in and out several times. As you have mentioned, you don't remember making any changes on your computer settings. Well, to tell you, changing settings has nothing to do when experience an "Internal Error." It is the server encountering an internal error and the person responsible to fix this is the webmaster/administrator /person in-charge of the website.

Below is an overview why an internal system on error on Server side occurs.

  • It could be an error in Common Gateway Interface script, anyway before we go deeper, Common Gateway Interface known as CGI is a way transmitting and exchanging data between a world wide web server and a CGI program (program languages for sure you are familiar such as Visual Basic, Java, and Perl) . Let us s go back, for CGI script, there could be a syntax error or a code that does not conform on the programming language being used. So, it is the webmaster to modify the script and do the configuration.

In view of the above, when the same problem occurs, you don't have to worry much, now you have an idea already. If possible, explore the software you are using and know how to relay your concern to the webmaster. Anyway, they have their way to track down log errors so definitely, whatever problem arises will surely be solved.