Error in Windows XP “NTLDR is missing”

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I have been cleaning up my computer, delete the unnecessary folder manually.

As I go through the C drive I’ve encounter unfamiliar folder NTLDR without any hesitations, I delete the folder.

At first the computer doesn’t show any error so I think that everything is fine, and I’ve done the right thing.

By the way,I’m using windows XP home edition. After a few hours of using the computer I shut it down.

I woke up this morning and open my computer to do my daily work, but I was shocked because my computer doesn’t even boot. It only shows a black screen and an error message telling me that the NTLDR is missing and the only option given is to press the ALT+CTRL+DELETE that will only restart my computer and go back again to the same problem.

Did I damage my computer?

Is there any other way to solve this?



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Error in Windows XP “NTLDR is missing”


Deleting the NTLDR folder is no doubt the cause for this error.

What you need to do now is get your Windows Installation CD and load it on booth.

What you are going to do here is Repair your installed windows and try to get back the file you deleted.

First make sure you PC boots on CD first, once the Windows Installation is loaded up  press R to Repair your windows installation, agree to the licensing agreement by pressing F8.

Your window should look like this:

Select the windows installation in your computer and press R again, don't worry, none of your files will be affected in the process.

After pressing R, Windows XP may look like it's making a fresh install, but don't worry, it's only repairing your windows and should be copying back the missing file it needs to boot properly.

Once done restart your computer again and it should but up properly now.

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Error in Windows XP “NTLDR is missing”


The first step you can take is run your window in safe mode and try to login using safe mode if you are not able to log in using safe mode then take these steps.

  • Power on your computer.
  • Press F8 key several times when logging in.
  • It will show you some options and you need to select restore directory option.
  • Once selected press enter and it will try to restore your previous files for windows.
  • After this you can boot your windows normally and then you can delete the infected files from your computer.

If this option does not works then you need to format your drive and then reinstall your window and it will solve the problem.

Karen cruise.

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