Error while running the GUI setup of Exchange 2010 in my domain

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Hello friends,

I'm new to Exchange 2010. I'm running my first setup of Exchange 2010 in my domain. I'm using Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2. My Forest and Domain functional level is Windows 2008. I've run the prerequisite process, that is setup.exe with the /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions, /PrepareSchema, /PrepareAD, and /PrepareDomain, but when I ran the GUI setup after that, I got error message like this:

"Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: could not find Active Directory site to which this server belongs."

These are what I've done:
1. disjoin the server and then rejoin with domain.

2. Verify that DC is healthy.

3. analyze DNS with dnslint command, then I got this message:
C:dnslint>dnslint /ad /s /v
DNSLint will attempt to verify the
DNS entries used in AD replication
Using for LDAP
Starting with for DNS
This process may take several minutes to complete…
Finding the name of the root of the AD forest…not found
LDAP query to specified LDAP server on TCP port 389 failed
Server Down
LDAP query to specified LDAP server on TCP port 389 failed
LDAP server specified appears to be down
Specify a different LDAP server and run the command again

4. Analyze port with portqry (in windows 2003), then I got this mesg:
C:WINDOWS > portqry -n -e 389 -p udp
Querying target system called:
Attempting to resolve name to IP address…
Name resolved to
UDP port 389 (unknown service): LISTENING or FILTERED
Sending LDAP query to UDP port 389…
LDAP query to port 389 failed
Server did not respond to LDAP query

5. I check the Firewall configuration in DCs server and it allow connection from port 389 both TCP and UDP.

Is this an issue regarding DNS or something else?

Can somebody help me, please?

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Error while running the GUI setup of Exchange 2010 in my domain



Some things that you will first of all need to check to troubleshoot that issue include:

  • The number of sites you have in the AD.
  • Whether there is a site that has not been part of the Domain Controller on the container.

The issue occurs possibly because another site might have been created which has got no setup domain controller available in the container. To be able to check the number of sites that are currently have, you will need to follow the steps below on a Domain controller.

  • First you will need to run “DSSite.msc” to open “Active Directory Sites and Service”.
  • And then you will expand “sites” to check if you have got other sites except Default-first-site-Name.
  • If you have them, you will need to expand the site name and then find out if there is Server container, that may include a server. If that is true, you will need to delete the site and try export-mailbox again.



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