Error when downloading a program from our server

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I was downloading a program from one of our servers when I got this error message. I was doing this for several PCs already but I got this error message from this particular PC. Based on the error message, I have checked the PC’s network connection and it seems alright. Don’t know what’s causing this problem.

Please help.

My error message is shown below.

Cannot Start Application-Application download error

Cannot Start Application

Application download did not succeed. Check your

network connection, or contact your system

administrator or network service provider.

Click here to send this error to the deployment server

and check for known solutions to this problem.

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Error when downloading a program from our server

It might be a server side problem, so you will need to check your company server, if everything is O.K with it. You will need to start by troubleshooting the PC's network configuration, probably it is a mis-configuration within your network, that has led to such a problem. You need to check the settings and make sure there is no conflict with other PC's, other wise check your connection.
The network chip that you suspect to be facing the problem, check it too. Now, the following link will help get the basics on how to troubleshoot your network , so read it well. Network troubleshooting.
Hope this helps.
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Error when downloading a program from our server

Make sure the Internet connection of your computer is properly fixed or connected well and try to check you network is working before proceeding. Go to the client or server because there can be a communication exception or may be the server is busy. Usually these problems pop up when the server or client is not connecting and is not present at all.
The best thing for you to do is, try connecting to the server again. Once you download a file from the server, you must check if it is decoded before preceding the file or maybe, you must check if the application places files from the hard disk, if they have been decoded.

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