Error when converting Publisher file in another account on the system.

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I have just converted a Publisher file in another account on the system. Therefore, another user tries to re-convert the file under their own user account. But here an error occurs.

Then I do a small research about this. Solution is given below:

The safest way to handle this error is to move the file in question to your Desktop and then run the conversion again. Since you have full access to your Desktop, the file should convert and if it contains any images, an Images folder will also be created on your desktop.

I want to know what is your opinion about this?


Sorry! But Pub2ID could not complete the conversion.

The current user account does not have proper access to this folder:
Possible Remedies:
1) Move the Publisher document to another folder that allows user read/write access.
2) Login using another account with read/write access to the folder above.
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Error when converting Publisher file in another account on the system.


Yes, any of the suggested solutions will do. The suggested remedy that is indicated in the dialog box of the error message will fix the problem and doing all the conversion via online access. It’s clear here that the account used to convert the file doesn’t have the read/write access and maybe is only allowed to have the read access and restricted from doing the write access.

You can simply do it from your own desktop by downloading the file to your computer and doing all the conversion there. This is much easier and faster than doing it online since a lot of restrictions may be in effect. Just upload the file again when the conversion is complete.

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