Error shown while trying to sync IPod

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Hi all,

I keep getting this error when I try to sync my iPod. "iTunes cannot sync photos to the iPod because the folder "Pictures" cannot be found." It will sync maybe half of my library and then give me this error.

I've NEVER tried to sync photos, nor do I want to sync photos. I just want to sync my music. The box for "Sync Photos from ___________" is NOT checked. It has never been checked. I never used to have any issue syncing my iPod. I have uninstalled and re-installed and still haven't had any luck.

What can I do to fix this?

Please give your suggestions.

Thanks beforehand.


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Error shown while trying to sync IPod




Firstly, make sure that iTunes is linked to a folder to sync your photos. ITunes might be trying to check your file directories for where your photos should be synced with just in case you enable that option.

You should try doing the following steps: 

1. First, make a new folder. 

2. Then specify that for photos under photos tab.

3. See whether it is working now.

If it doesn’t work even now, then make sure that folder is empty. Then check the box to sync photos.
It should work now.

Hope it works


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Error shown while trying to sync IPod


Hi Jessie,

                Here are the things you can try to do:

  1. Try to set up a new folder on your mac and then copy some of your photos in there and then try to choose the new folder and then sync it with iphoto.
  2. Delete the iPhoto iPod cache found inside the Photo folder.

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