An error shown by MapInfo Professional

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Hello there,

I want to install the latest version of MapInfo Professional and this message appears. I don’t know what the Print Service means and why is not running on my laptop. Please is there anyone free who can help solving this problem ? How can I make The Print Service to run on my laptop ?

Thank you !

MapInfo Professional 10.0.1 Maintenance Release – InstallShield Wizard

The Print Service is not running on your computer. In order to upgrade the MapInfo PDF Printer, start the Print Spooler service and then restart the installer.


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An error shown by MapInfo Professional


To run services on your computer automatically, you can perform a reboot to your computer and run the program as administrator mode,


1, Right click the program

2. Select run as admin


To run services on your computer manually, here's what you can do


Windows 7 and UP:

1. Click on Start

2. Type 'services'

3. From the list above choose 'Services' program (the gear icon)

4. Explore the list under services and find the Print Service

5. Click the program

6. Look at the left pane and start the service

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