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I never transfer files ssh, FTP still, but I'm sick it's too long!!
In putty, so I type the following:
scp J: \ Serveur_19_09_11 \ SINET \ www root @ r16985: / home / SINET
But putty me back this error message:
ssh: J: Name or service not Known
In fact I want to copy the folder and sub folders that are on the external drive J: / connected to USB.
Thank you for your help.

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From your post it seems that you are trying to copy folders from local machine's usb drive to another server's directory and used the following command:

scp J: \ Serveur_19_09_11 \ SINET \ www root @ r16985: / home / SINET

In that case you had a little mistake in your command. The actual command for this operation will be:

$ scp -r [source directory path] [user] @[host address]: [destination directory path]

Here the '-r' option is to use the recursive mode. It is must to copy directories.

Make sure one thing that you properly mounted the external drive that you were talking to and have the correct path.