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I got error when trying to remove my pen drive through Safely Remove Hardware in my Windows XP Professional SP2 PC. And this error also incurs when trying to remove my other two (2) external hard disk drives. Any notions as to what may be the reason for this? I posted an exact screenshot of the error I am receiving.


An exception occurred while trying to run "shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll"

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Sorry to hear your problem. Here is a solution which can surely help you. I have experienced that kind of error before and here is what I did:

  • Click the control Panel icon
  • Click the system icon
  • Click the HARDWARE tab
  • Click the DEVICE MANAGER button
  • Click VIEW in menu item to show hidden devices
  • Scroll down and double click the STORAGE VOLUMES
  • Right click the LAST VOLUME and choose UPDATE DRIVER and let it connect to the internet

I hope it helps,


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First you have to check out the My Computer and then select properties, hardware device manager, view select view hidden device and then under storage volume, right click and select format that will read again the USB drive problem aside from that solution if doesn't work you have to change your USB.