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While trying to uninstall Silverlight due to Windows XP update that cannot be installed, I got an error “The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.” I tried to remove Silverlight but it is not help. Does anyone encounter the same issue? Help please.

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I am an expert here about these things and I would give you a tutorial on how will you able to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Windows XP computer.

Just follow the instructions that I will give to you if you want to do it manually you may follow the guide on this link but if you want to download a program that will fix the registry it is also fine if you want to download one I will give you a link on the program what I am using but if you want other programs its fine just download and install the program after installing run it and you will see the registry and then scan for issues (you may use the free one)

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay here

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Try re-downloading your current version of Silverlight and then try the repair option. If it works look for the uninstall option in the “add or remove programs” menu. If it still doesn’t work then using the same version just try reinstalling it

You also need to try to determine which windows update will not install. If indeed it is the latest version of Silverlight, then try to download it separately and install it. If you still cannot have the previous version of Silverlight removed, a final option would be to manually uninstall Silverlight. It would involve deleting the files and folders related to Silverlight. Manually deleting the program files and folders slightly increases the risk of damaging the computers operating system, so it should be done at the user’s risk. It is advisable to create a system restore point just in case anything goes wrong.

Hope this helps.