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How can i open a inpage file in Corel draw? Please kindly help to open inpage file in Corel draw.

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First of all open inpage not corel draw.

Write in inpage.

Copy all your text.

Paste it in corel draw.

It displays your text in corel draw.

But remember first open inpage not corel draw and next time when you have to open corel draw file you have to open inpage first. Because corel draw use urdu fonts from inpage. Corel draw it self did not have urdu fonts.

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There is a problem because CorelDRAW does not use urdu fonts, which InPage does have.

To solve this issue, it is necessary to have InPage open before opening CorelDRAW.

So, open InPage, open CorelDRAW, write your text in InPage, copy and paste it in CorelDRAW. That’s all.

Also remember that anytime you want to open that specific file in CorelDRAW, InPage has to be open before.